Why fresh grads faces difficulties in entering VLSI industry?

Why fresh grads faces difficulties in entering VLSI industry?

Fresh graduates with Diploma/B.Tech/BE/M.Tech/ME in Electronics can apply for VLSI jobs. When you are applying resume must highlight on your VLSI exposure, just keeping Verilog, VHDL and CMOS dose not fetch a call from the companies. Distinguish your self and do some serious stuff. Recent crowd is not equipped with skills required for the industry and colleges/universities are not enabling students on these skills. They have their own logistic issues :-). So, companies have to provide training after recruiting them but proprietary tools makes training cost very high, finally companies also hesitate to take fresh grads for work. That is the reason you always see post for experienced resources. (freshers still send their profiles to make recruiter inbox full, know factor is they put all fresher profiles in trash with irritation).

Following these steps from early stage of your studies can have better chance to entering industry.

  • CMOS Basics
  • Understand VLSI Flow
  • Identify area of interest in VLSI
  • Gather more knowledge
  • Have hands on
  • Apply for internship/job

Skills required apart from your area of interest

  • Linux  – Mostly VLSI tools on Linux platform
  • Linux power tools – Grep, awk, Sed are very much useful when debugging
  • Linux Text editor  – Must learn one text editor in linux (Vi/Vim/gvim, nedit)
  • TCL – Tool command language, very much required when working with tools
  • PERL/Python – Powerful scripting languages helpful while post process your log files

No solid foundation at colleges/universities, so choose to go on a training but most of the training institutes are just teaching how to run the tool, this isn’t much helpful unless you learn how to debug, have some curiosity factor while learning.

All the best !!

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